Classes Offered

Meth and Meth Lab Awareness:

This class provides information necessary to recognize the drug methamphetamine (meth) and the symptoms of its abuse. The class will include information relating to the recognition of a meth lab, the chemicals used to produce meth and the damage caused to properties by meth production.

A new method of producing meth has gained in popularity in recent years. This method is much more explosive and mobile increasing the risk of injuries and death. Attendees will be made aware of this new method and the dangers it poses.

Active Shooter:

An Active Shooter is defined as an individual actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area. In most cases, active shooters use firearms with no pattern or method to their selection of victims. Most incidents occur at locations in which the killers find little impediment in pressing their attack. Locations are generally described as soft targets, that is, they carry limited security measures to protect members of the public. 

This class provides instruction to individuals who may be caught in an active shooter situation. Covered topics will include: History and profile of an active shooter, responding to an active shooter, responding to law enforcement on the scene and recognizing potential workplace violence. Increased random violence in public locations is demanding our attention like never before. Losses can be mitigated through awareness and preparation. 

Drug Identification:

This class is designed to train the attendee in the recognition of drugs commonly manufactured, sold, possessed, and used in violation of federal and state laws. Topics include appearance of drugs and symptoms of abuse of the most abused drugs from the four controlled substance groups of depressants, stimulants, hallucinogens, and narcotics.


Contact with someone who chooses to abuse drugs can be dangerous due to the criminal nature of the activity and to the altered state of influence the user might be under during the time of contact. Being better aware of your surroundings can be very beneficial when you are potentially in a drug user’s residence. 

Marijuana Grow Operations:

This class will contain information needed to recognize a marijuana grow operation. To grow marijuana there must be various amounts of equipment and chemicals present. All equipment and chemicals commonly used during the production of marijuana plants will be shown. An indoor marijuana grow operation can cause expensive damage to the structure including mold and in some cases fires.

Due to the clandestine nature of an illegal marijuana grow there may be many hazards present from faulty wiring to poor ventilation. The attendees will be made aware of these potential structural issues as well as potential health hazards that may be present. A technique of extracting hash oil from marijuana plants is increasing in popularity. This method is known as Butane Hash Oil. Several explosions causing structural damage and personal injury have recently occurred as a result. The attendees will be made aware of this dangerous method and the equipment used during the process. 



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